Get unparalleled access to institutional-quality offshore real estate deals.

WealthPoint is a real estate investing platform that gives institutional investors direct access to individual commercial real estate investment opportunities, allowing you to review, compare, and personally choose the deals that meet your own investment criteria. Our deals are offered by global tenured real estate firms.

Institutions are able to earn dollars in income generating assets while diversifying their portfolio outside of the stock market with commercial real estate.


  • Our platform provides deal flow from global institutional real estate firms.
  • All our real estate partners and deals are vetted by our team before listing on the platform.
  • Our team ensures effective compliance and structuring for offshore deals, reducing the cost of offshore investing.
  • USD based investments with offshore wallet.
  • Opportunities to invest in deals from global real estate partners normally taken up by institutional investors in the country of the deal.
  • Category 2 licenced SA financial institution.
  • Diversify real estate options beyond conventional SA main stream partners.
  • Opportunity for globally uncorrelated returns
  • Invest in a wide range of offshore partners while having a single local point of contact.
  • Access institutional level deals while still able to diversify your portfolio with smaller investment amounts into a wider range of deals.

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