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Welcome to WealthPoint

Welcome to WealthPoint

Welcome to WealthPoint, we operate online marketplaces matching eligible investors with real estate and alternative investment opportunities around the world

Our platforms leverage advanced financial technologies, sophisticated structuring and rigorous due diligence to ensure safe and easy access to high quality commercial real estate and alternative investment opportunities.

In 2020, the estimated value of the global commercial real estate market was approximately 32.6 trillion US dollars, up from 30.3 trillion US dollars in 2019. Europe, Middle East, and Africa region (EMEA) had the largest market size and was valued at close to 10.3 trillion US dollars, just slightly higher than the Asia Pacific and the North America regions at 10.22 and 10.12 trillion USD respectively.

With stable and consistent market increases, real estate continues to hold firm as a popular assets class, with commercial real estate being the third-largest asset class behind equities and bonds in the US.

Traditionally taking part in commercial real estate directly required large amounts of capital with minimum investment amounts of $250,000 - putting the class out of reach to the vast majority of investors. Alternatively, REITs another avenue to taking part in this assets class, and although lowered minimum investment amounts create greater accessibility, there is little choice or flexibility with REIT investment.

Here crowdfunding or fractionalised ownership through digital platforms enters the arena to offer sophisticated yet user-friendly solutions in an otherwise restrictive commercial real-estate environment. Platforms such as ours provide a pivotal point in the democratisation of global investment, unlocking the financial power of the crowd, and in a post-COVID climate, we are strategically positioned as forerunners in the global shift toward digitization.

If you would like to learn more about our platform, please contact us to set up a meeting.

Ruth Coates

Ruth Coates

Key Account Manager - Knysna, South Africa