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Why Multi Family is such hot property right now

Why Multi Family is such hot property right now

Our Chief Investment Officer recently sat down with our Head of Revenue and discussed exactly that, and you can watch the recording:

What Multi-family Offers:

  • Multi-family offers reliable passive income streams with predictable cash flows generated from monthly rents.
  • It is the largest commercial asset class in the world since affordable accommodation is a basic human need and everyone needs a place to live.
  • Tenant risk is mitigated by these apartment blocks as they each have 200-300 tenants. When one of these tenants cannot pay rent, the total reduction of income is minimal.
  • Acquiring a 20-unit apartment building is a much more time-efficient method when building a portfolio of rental units, instead of purchasing 300 single rental properties.
  • Multi-family is an institutional risk resilient asset class and can be seen as an influential diversification tool that has proven its resilience during Covid-19.
  • Multi-family is considered a lower risk investment when compared to other real estate asset classes.
  • Due to its resilience in economic downturns and the high volumes of capital constantly injected into multi-family, any quality assets in this sector will form part of a relatively liquid market.
  • These assets frequently hold value-add potential as they can be renovated or restored for higher capital gains.
  • Multi-family properties can be managed at economies of scale when quality operators are employed to run the asset blocks for them, which would not be financially attainable when owning a single-family real estate.
  • This not only decreases risk but can also improve the growth prospects of these assets with less time and manpower required _from the investors themselves.

Another aspect is having the correct Sponsors source and managed the investment. Our latest opportunity, Landing Point Apartments, located in Salt Lake City Utah, owned by Clear Capital LLC.

Clear Capital was founded in 1996 and has a management team with over 100 years combined experience. Combined with a portfolio of over $800 Million Multi-family assets and the fact that they have never lost any investor’s money, make Clear Capital a premium sponsor to invest alongside.

Log in to your secure investment portal to view Landing Point Apartments on the marketplace and find out more about this exciting opportunity.

Please reach out to the WealthPoint team if you have any queries or require further assistance to secure your investment.


Lee Rush Head of Global Communities

Lee Rush

Lee Rush

Head of Global Communities - , Costa Rica